Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does your software allow for full size runs as well as individual item posting?

A: Yes, we customize features and views to each store’s needs. Some need full size runs and/or variants like colors also.

Q: Can I use your software to have people print tags at home and drop off items?

A: Yes, we serve many non-profits and organizations that do thrift drop offs where people print tags at home and drop off the items to a location where they are sold at an event.

Q: Do I have to download anything? Can I log in from multiple computers/tablets?

A: No, Resale Global is all browser based. You can log in from anywhere and see all the functionality.

Q: How do I know what sold and what’s ready to ship?

A: Your daily dashboard will show you what sold overnight and will allow you to print out your shipping labels individually or in a batch. We always recommend finding your sold items first before printing the labels just to avoid printing a label for something you can’t locate in your physical inventory. You can check the dashboard throughout the day and pack things as they sell and ship them out using USPS, or just pack and ship once a day after you see what sold overnight.

Q: Can I post every item to my store’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram pages so people can buy the item from the listing?

A: Yes, they just click the item to purchase it and it will guide them through your cart checkout process. You can also sell through eBay, Google Shopping and on Amazon if you like. You can choose what sites you want to have your items sold through automatically when you set up your system with Resale Global. We partner for cross posting options for Mercari, Poshmark, Tradesy, Kidizen, Grailed and many other major shopping channels. Your account representative will guide you through the whole process.

Q: Can you convert my entire inventory for me?

A: Yes, we convert data from most all other inventory management systems. Check with your Resale Global representative to see if your system is on the list. We do everything we can to accommodate your existing hardware but sometimes hardware may be outdated and may not be adaptable as we have the latest technology available on the market.

Q: Who are Resale Global clients?

A: Our clients are North American-based consignment store and pawn shop owners, looking for a streamlined solution to manage their inventory, consignor payout accounts, and create and manage an online store. They are business owners seeking a reliable and easy way to expand their business to the online global marketplace. They sell everything from women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, to home decor and furniture, to art and fine jewelry.

Q: When can clients shop my website?

A: Clients can shop your store’s website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of whether or not your brick and mortar location is open. 

Q: Do I have to be a current user to participate in your monthly Learning Labs?

A: Yes, a current subscription is required to participate in the monthly User Group Learning Labs and virtual events.

Q: How do I opt out of email requests from Resale Global?

A: In any email received you will be able to unsubscribe via a link provide.

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