Resale Global

Each and every client store has different needs and goals. Our in house team customizes each site build to meet those needs. Here’s a few samples with their stories:

The Jack Trading Company sells clothing for the entire family. They are a division of a very successful dry cleaning company and pick up the consignment shipments from their customers with scheduled delivery dates. Their goal was to have a value add to the customers they already have and to make it easy for people to consign items and clean out their closets.

Thrift Happens wanted to expand beyond their very strong Facebook Live business which was time consuming to set up, execute and repeat week after week, particularly for a young Mom. By adding consignment to the BOR/thrift model they can accept items from other people that they don’t have to source themselves every day. The Resale Global software allows Facebook Live buyers to pay through the website by item number eliminating hours of individual data entry for payment, invoicing and shipping information.

London Image was born when it’s owner returned to the US after living in London for many years. The clothes and styles she had loved in UK weren’t getting as much use back in the US. Turns out she’s not the only person who’s had this dilemma – many of her consignors are in the same situation and most of her buyers are international.

Finders Keepers is a children’s store who wanted to expand online. Converting their inventory data over and updating it to be more online shopping friendly was the first priority of the tech team, and the owner wanted to keep as much of her current tagging system in tact as we could. Making these changes allows the owner more freedom to manage her business as she sees fit to have a better work life balance.