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The Sports Trading Card Boom: Baseball Cards Selling for Millions

The sports trading card boom: Baseball cards selling for millions

The recent surge in sports trading card sales has been inspired by fans looking for new ways to engage with sports during the pandemic, as well as nostalgia among older millennials who collected cards as children and now have enough money to invest in their hobby. And with billions being spent online each year and cards setting records, the trading card boom has inspired more investors and entrepreneurs to enter the market.

The majority of the approximately $5 billion sports card trading market has been cards sold in eBay auctions. But now, a new wave of online start-ups could change the way enthusiasts and investors collect and sell sports trading cards forever.

If you have sports cards tucked away in a box or binder somewhere collecting dust, you are in a prime spot to join this booming industry!  If you’d like to see a free mock up of what your website might look like and discuss how the process works, schedule a time to learn more today

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3 Tips to Increasing Online Sales

It takes work to curate your client base so once you have them shopping with you online you want them to keep the items they purchase.  Take a minute to consider these 3 tips to increasing your sales and minimizing your returns- descriptions photos and measurements. 

While it might seem onerous at first to include this information for each item, it actually creates efficiency.  If someone has a question you don’t have to go back and find things because all the info you need will be right there.

When you start getting questions every day and overnight you’ll know your website is getting traffic so this is a great step in the right direction.

Louboutin Gets Major Investment

Every day we work with store owners around the world on their online presence and increasing sales.  High end luxury resale is hot, with brands like Louis Vuitton and Louboutin leading the charge.  Good news for fans of the red soled works of art, Louboutin has just teamed up with one of Itay’s most famous families and founders of Fiat, the Agnellis.

The Agnelli family’s investment company, Exor, has been diversifying its investments in recent years as the founders of Fiat Chrysler expand beyond the car industry. Exor holding company said Monday it’s acquiring a 24% stake and sees growth potential for the brand in China and in e-commerce. When working on expansions, choosing the right partner is important – consider your goals and what will help your business in both the short and long term.  If you’re not selling online yet, now is the time to get that sales channel off the ground and grow your brand for the future, too. Resale Global is the only woman owned software company in the resale software space, and the only one with a full in house tech team ready to assist you end to end from start to launch to increasing sales.  We don’t say start to finish because our support never ends – we are always here to help.  Reach out to us today to discuss your goals and see if Resale Global is the right partner for you. 

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Resale Industry Stats – Updated Feb. 2021

As we were updating our blog format this week, I was shocked at the difference in the estimate of the resale market compared to a post we made a few years back here when the company first started,. According to Thread Up’s most recent survey, the market is projected to hit $64B by 2025, with a major surge in online shopping driving a large part of that growth.

Now is a great time to get into the resale industry or expand your store online. Set a time to discuss your goals and take a chunk of this market for yourself


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Pivoting Your Process to Accommodate Increased Online Sales

Working with resale shop owners internationally is a really rewarding role. Our favorite calls are those where the consignment or thrift store owner wants to brainstorm operational ideas to accommodate increased online sales process improvements.

Just this past week one shop owner told us her mail carrier told her she was selling too many items for him to pick up daily and she was going to have to start dropping them off herself. He is a walking mail carrier and her packages were filling up his bag every day so he couldn’t keep up with her volume. Great problem to have, right?

For our US Based customers, anything you can do to avoid using USPS “it fits it ships” materials will save you over 50% on your shipping costs. The fee you pay for those packages includes the price of the box or mailer. Getting your own custom poly mailers printed costs about .50 cents a bag and ensure your brand is getting carried through to your customers. Colleen at Custom Poly Mailers will be happy to give you a quote – 260-483-4008. Having a few new shipping boxes on hand if you sell home goods, hats or other items you need boxes for is a good rule of thumb as well. You can get printed boxes from almost any local printer as well.

Another shop owner a few weeks ago was challenged by an overwhelming number of online purchases that needed to be picked up in store as her new website started to really get traction from her customer base. We helped her develop an alphabetical bin plan that worked with her store layout as well as her daily selling processes so that when the customer came in and they had made more than one purchase they would be bundled together in a pick up area that was convenient for her staff to access.

Every box or mailer that goes out is a marketing opportunity. With just a little planning, color coordinated tissue and some pre-printed cards with special offers, you can curate repeat business that will build over time and help increase your overall profit.

Don’t Leave Money Laying Around on the Floor!

I love visiting our clients – so many of them have amazing stores and are super organized about processes that really benefit their customers. And remember, consignors are also customers of your store.

If you haven’t taken your store online, you really should put serious consideraton into doing so because:

  1. Your consignors can technically put all the items they bring you on line themselves – They can make 80% – 85% of the sale on Poshmark, Tradesy, eBay, Mercari and other selling sites. They bring it to you because they don’t want to take the time to list and cross-post their items and then mail them out. But the truth is, if your sales are down because of Covid or you had to cut your hours or you don’t have enough staff help, soon you won’t have consignors as they literally can do it without you themselves.
  2. Relying on foot traffic alone, with balloons on Saturdays, or your traditional bag sales as weather permits, aren’t going to continue to get the job done sales wise for much longer, honestly. Your customers spend 10-20 minutes a visit in your shop, but I promise you if you did a survey of how long they spent online shopping this week it would be far longer than the time they spent in your store. You can capture other customers if you put the right processes in place to capture new shoppers who you might never meet in person. They may not have a great consignment shop near them and they can also become your best customers.

I visited with a brick and mortar store this week that is having trouble with their landlord, doesn’t have any parking and getting 1-2 customers a day now. The ladies that worked there told me they were very worried about their jobs – they had worked there for many years, and really wanted to be online, but the owner will never do it.

As we were talking, I was looking around and adding up the online value of what I saw there. They had well over $500,000 in high end luxury items with all the shoes displayed in pairs neatly on a rack, but hundreds of other pairs lined up under the clothes on the floor all across the store. In no particular size order.

All I could think of was how much money was literally laying on the floor that could be sold online in a matter of days. Then they took me to the “back room” which was piled floor to ceiling with new Hermes scarves in boxes, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin shoes, Chanel handbags, Chanel accessories, Celine handbags, Chanel jackets, Louis Vuitton bags….you get the idea.

Truth is, whether you are selling middle market brands or high end luxury items, Internet shoppers buy it all. But they can’t buy it from you if its not on a website, and ideally being cross posted to all the major shopping sites that buyers frequent.

I started Resale Global to help people get their stores online without having to hire outside consultants to help them – If you’d like to see a free mock up of what your website might look like and discuss how the process works, click here to set a time to discuss. We would be pleased to assist you.

Don’t leave money you could be making laying around – put it to good use today – allow your employees roles to change and let them get new skills needed to sell more. Take the plunge and lets get your store online together.

Imagine Thousands Shopping Your Website

A recent CNBC article showed most people spend nearly 2 hours a day online shopping.

When was the last time someone spent 2 hours in your shop?

Every day we speak with store owners in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe who want to expand their sales beyond their local geography, but many of them are reluctant to change anything about their current processes in order to get there.

If we told you that you could double, maybe even triple your business, would you change how you process items? Of course you would. You can’t expect a new outcome without a few changes.

Resale Global’s unique data entry process allows you to quickly input items with all the necessary information to be sold online easily and links with your in store POS as well. Every store has a custom set up process where the store owners decide how they want their processes to evolve with as minimal disruption to the current process as possible.

Consider this – you want to minimize questions you will receive from the thousands of people who are now shopping your items. One easy way to start is by including the size, brand and care label in your photos.

Additionally, you probably want to minimize your returns, including measurements so shoppers can shop with confidence is key here. It only take a minute to add this, and will result in fewer returns – and more happy customers- ultimately.

We would love to do a demo for you to show you how Resale Global solves all these challenges – and some you many not have even thought about, yet. Shoot us a chat note below or schedule a time to learn more today!

Resale Global – Zero Base Disruptor of Consignment Software

People ask us every day on demo calls, “why should we choose you?”

Resale Global clients benefit from our innate creative competitive advantage: We started with a clean slate from which to design operations and processes. The benefits of this agile development process to our clients is even documented in a recent white paper from

Others in our space that started as POS systems were considered innovative in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and are now considered incumbents in the consignment software space. Compared to our agile development and operational systems, they contend with rigid and ingrained processes and systems, and a well-worn, usually siloed, organizational structure that slows decision making.

Some of these companies, often tout a large list of users, many of which are not selling online effectively, because they themselves have been reticent to make major changes to their processes, infrastructure or service lines that have impaired, and in many cases, closed down local consignment stores who have not been able to keep pace with the onset of digital sales.

In today’s competitive, fast growing resale sales environment, Resale Global is a shining example of McKinsey’s innovation culture where “operational-excellence efforts tend to emphasize the continuous improvement of current-state work.” Our success is not measured by how many employees we have, but rather the impact we make on each and every client’s business growth / increased sales.

Founded by a consignment store owner/operator who was dissatisfied with the status quo, unable to reach technical support when she needed it most, and wanting to sell more merchandise with single entry cross posting to all major shopping channels, we understand the owner operator challenges faced by consignment, thrift and resale stores.

Resale Global evolves every day, with every call, with every store’s input. Each person and each store has their own unique story, their own loyal customers, their own individual challenges, and their own personal sales goals. No matter what our clients are selling, they all have one thing in common – they all want to smoothly run a profitable business with trusted technology partner who is there for them when they need help or ideas.

The Fastest Growing Segment of Retail is Sustainable Resale Shopping

The Resale and sustainable shopping market is expected to be valued at $64 billion in 5 years, as used clothing takes over closets according to a recent MSNBC article.

To celebrate this, Resale Global is offering 50% off our regular subscription rates for anyone launching a new store and/or looking to take their current brick and mortar store online this summer. Request your Resale Global Quick Start Kit now – subscribe before Labor Day (September 7, 2020) and your first full year will be half price!

Our services include full website set up, data conversions and more! With single entry cross posting to all the major resale websites, this is an offer that’s too good to pass up!